A page for the AUs of this AU with the changes that occur within it.

UTAUWikiSwap Edit

a Swap AU made by 33Nepeta.

Official Wiki Edit

the Wiki

UTAUFell Edit

A fell variant, some of the character's personalities still remain. Bone apetit is the original creator.

  • This is the opposite of UTAUWikitale.
  • Deletey instead helps Ink to escape.
  • PAPYRUSISTHEBEST22 is part of the royal guard.
  • Create is gone mad or insane due to loneliness, killing her lead to Mad Cre, but more insane.
  • PAPYRUS IS THE BEST22 always torture Wikic.
  • Deletey helps you instead of being evil.
  • some spoilerz so i wont tell u.

Official Wiki Edit

The official Wiki for UTAUWikiFell.

UTAUShift Edit

A storyshift-esque variant

  • Ink remains the same.
  • PAPYRUSISTHEBEST22 becomes the role of Toriel, or Create.
  • Cinder becomes the role of Sans, or WikiC.
  • WikiT becomes the role of Papyrus, or PAPYRUSISTHEBEST22.
  • Create becomes the role of Undyne, or Bone Apetit.
  • Wikiperson becomes the role of Alphys, or GMod.
  • Bone Apetit becomes the role of Mettaton, or TNF.
  • TNF becomes the role of Chara, or Cinder.
  • LunaDeaminac becomes the role of Asriel, or WikiT.
  • WikiC becomes the role of Asgore, or Wikiperson.

Official Wiki Edit

The official Wiki for UTAUWikiShift.

FusionAUWikiTale Edit

A Fusiontale-esque variant

  • IDK, Cre you do this it's your AU.

UTAUnumber2719 Edit

A AU where ERROR fell.When he fell he messed up the code.(BTW Luna said TheUndertalefan355 could put it here.It is a combo of many swap AUs

  • Error instead of Ink
  • WikiC-TUFT
  • PAPYRUS IS THE BEST22-VeryPunnySkele
  • TNF-Luna
  • Cinder(Cinder is non-existent in this AU)-Ink
  • Bone apptit- UTAUwikifell Bone apptit
  • do not edit this Au unless Luna says-Theundertalefan355


These are variants of this AU that are not allowed under any circumstances.

  • Lust variant
  • Tail variant
  • Horror (as it wouldn't make sense with the canon story)
  • Anything else NSFW because... no, just no.

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