Basics Edit

LunaDeaminac initally started writing the UTAUWikiTale blogs entirely for fun but when it was made canon by Wikiperson she accidentally became to god of the AU. With the accidental god role, the form of the wolf was gained. She doesn't interact with the world in the same way as the annoying dog does, meaning that she doesn't steal things but edits pages instead. Most low level users are intimidated by this form.

The Wolf of the Wiki has a lower tolerance for annoyance than her humanoid form, no one is sure why. She has been known to chase down and kill non-canon entities that enter the UTAUWikiTale world without asking for permission before hand.

The Wolf doesn't act during the Genocide route, her reasons for not doing so is currently unknown though it is assumed to be because she knows Ink wouldn't give up even though she can't be killed.

Abilities Edit

She maintains the same abilites she has in the humanoid form but doesn't need to gesture with their hands inorder to move the pages.

Unlike most beings in the UTAUWikiTale, she doesn't attack others with comments nor does she use magic. Attacking in the form is done with teeth and claws, she is the only being that can gain EXP in this AU, everyone else gets SOW. All four of her paws can gain the 'candidates for deletion' brands.

Appearance Edit

A large dark grey/blue wolf with red eyes. The ever changing heart that appears on dress in her humanoid form appears on her forehead. She wears a scarf around her neck.

Encounter places Edit

The Wolf can be encountered in every part of the Wiki though the FIGHT ends before Ink can do anything. Flavour text appears before the battle ends:

  • Neutral route text - *I'd rather work for my EXP.
  • Pacifist text - *Stay on this path.
  • Genocide text - *It'd be an endless war.

Sometimes the Wolf will be seen on Max's riverboat. Ink will then hear a short conversation between the two instead of one of the hints that Max usually gives. They tend to talk about things that haven't happened yet. These conversations are in code.

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