DonT kill, and donT bE killed, okay???
DaTs teH besT teM can sTriVe 4
— Temmie, in the epilogue.

Wiki Temmie is a main character in the AU, UTAUWikiTale. She is the biological child of Createsans and Wikiperson, as well as the adoptive sibling of Cinder05030:).

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Wiki Temmie is similar to Asriel Dreemurr. Just like Construction Temmie, she is also a Temmie.
She looks similar to her mother, but there isn't any resemblance to wikiperson. She wears a yellow and light blue striped shirt with long sleeves, similar to the one the Temmie Shop Keeper wears. She also has cat ears, just like createsans, as well as dog ears on the side of her head. She has black shoulder length hair that has her cat ears on the top of her head, while her dog ears are on the side of her head. She wears black pants. She also has a pair of small, sharp fangs that aren't really visible.

GOD of Hyperdeath Edit

Wiki Temmie's God form looks like Asriel's. She now wears a long, dark robe similar to the one Createsans wears, with the Delta Rune on the front. Her robe also has a large collar and shoulder pads. She wears a locket similar to the heart locket. She has longer fangs, black scleras and horns.

Final Form Edit

Her body is more geometrical, she has a pair of large color changing wings, and her lower body becomes sharp. Her horns and fangs become longer and sharper. Her Final Form is similar to Asriel's.

Her body resembles the Delta Rune.

Personality Edit

Her personality is similar to Asriel in Undertale. Before she died, she cared for Cinderas her best friend and adopted sibling. She may have a speech impediment though, suggesting her broken english, since most Temmies are known to have broken English.

Main Story Edit

A very long time ago, the wiki was created by Flora-frisky who eventually grew tired of the world and abandoned it, leaving only the occasional ghostly reminder that they ever existed. After their disappearance, UndertaleAUwikipersonandthings became the king under the guidence of 1WikiConstructionTemmie1. Wikiperson and Createsans ruled the wiki together for a while with the assistance of WCT and Nin10doGMod (who was replaced by LunaDeaminac after immature actions). Realising that they might also grow weary of the wiki, they brought forth a child, Wiki Temmie. She was to be taught the correct way to look after and maintain the wiki if something were to happen to Wik and Cre.

At some point Cinder05030:) came to the wiki having fled the deletion of their own. Being around the same age as Wiki Temmie when they arrived, Wik and Cre chose to raise her aswell, believeing that the wiki would be too large for a single person to rule it by they time they ran out of IC. For a while everything was going well and Cinder proved to be in the right mind frame for leadership. She was bought a gift, the Ban Hammer, as she was deemed ready for the responsibilty.

However, before Cinder received the gift, Fandom noticed the remains of a deleted wiki. These remains were actually Cinder herself and she slowly recieved a global block. She wanted to do one last thing before being blocked entirely, bring more people to the wiki. She and Wiki Temmie concocted a plan but they would have to both leave for it to work. Cinder said that she wanted to see the origami flowers that had been so popular in her home wiki but they were only being made in one other location (this was not a total lie, she had missed them). Not wanting to refuse what was essentially a dying child, Wik and Cre allowed Wiki Temmie and Cinder to go to other wikis and find the paper flowers.

While in the other wikis, they left comments on pages, directing people to the Undertale AU wiki. The children returned to UTAUwiki, holding a single origami flower. When they arrived they saw a large number of other wiki Users in an argument with Wikiperson and Createsans about someone vandalising their pages and leaving spam comments. One of these people noticed Wiki Temmie and Cinder05030:) and recognised them from leaving the comments. The two were reported to Fandom and both received global blocks. Their SKILLs were destoryed in the blocking.

Neutral Route Edit

Wiki Temmie does not appear in the Nuetral Route.

True Pacifist Edit

hOi!<Name>, r u there?
ItS mE, uR besT tEm.
— Wiki Temmie, before transforming into the God of Hyperdeath.

After absorbing everyones SKILLs, Deletey transforms into the GOD of Hyperdeath to kill Ink!Sans, for his SKILL, but Wiki Temmie fails to defeat Ink.

Relationships Edit

Cinder05030:) Edit

Cinder is Temmie's adoptive sibling and best friend.

Createsans Edit

Createsans is Wiki Temmie's mother.

Wikiperson Edit

Wikiperson is Wiki Temmie's father.

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