*Don't ever think about it...don't you know how many times i tried? to avoid myself to accidentally hire a royal guard that will die in battle when we got out? -Bone's reaction after being hired.

Bone Apetit is one of the main characters in UTAUWikiTale.

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Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Normally, in Average Area pt. 2, she wears armor. The armor is similar to Undyne's armor, but the shoulder pads are sharper, they dont wear a helmet they instead, wear a skeleton mask, she has long hair like Undyne, well..not too long. She wears a long cape.

In their house outfit, she wears white slippers, white shorts, and a white shirt. She is shown as a human instead of a monster. She might have fell into Mt. Ebott when she was little, but its unknown that she never heard of Wiki temmie.

In Genocide run, after being slashed, due to a little bit of Inspiration (Determination, if you don't know.) to be active again, they somehow transformed into a new form. the huge cut still remains, including the scar. The lower part of her skeleton mask is sharp. They dont show the pupils. She wears long white gloves. The cape they wear looks rotten. Some of their armor features still remain.

Personality Edit

Some people see Bone as an `A-hole`, `A Rude one`, `A waste of time` however, she is not just those things, she has a soft side, she is shown to life white, and purple, she prefers white over purple, that's why her clothes are all white.

She is shown to be calm, and shy. She only gets aggressive over Ink, the reason why, is because she hates vandalizers. Actually, she doesn't hate just that, she dislikes Anime, she thinks 'some of them are good' but 'some of them are bad' they also love vocaloid.

Instead of Cooking things to calm herself, she plays a violin instead, because she likes instruments. Even though there is few things that don't happen in undertale, instead of cooking Spaghetti, you are cooking macaroni and cheese instead. She didn't scream "NGAAAHH!" She screams "NYAAHH!" instead, not just screaming but laughing, the A is replaced by U during laughing.

Abilities Edit

When your SKILL is GREEN you wont escape, Nyuhuuhuuhuuu!!
— Bone Apetit
Since she is shown as a human, she has powers. [ ONLY the bristles of the brush is green. ] Unlike other characters, she has a 'green attack'. When someone is green, they cant escape the battle, she wont use it forever since she will take it off to use her spear attack.

She didn't spawn spears on her eye, she spawn it on her back instead.

In battle Edit

It wont work if Ink tried to spare her, the only way to spare her is to keep running until Ink got to the Greater Area. ( UTAUWikitale version of Hotland ) and spill water all over her.

  • Tba

Relationships Edit

Create sans Edit

I used to know them..I don't know where they are now..
— Bone apetit talking about Create
Bone also knew Create Sans when they were little. But she didn't know where create is, so she didn't tell the king where she is now.

UndertaleAuwikipersonandthings Edit

Very loyal to him. Nothing else about their relationship other than they are both friends.


Her closest friend, she secretly tried to let him join the royal guard but decides not to since they know they are way too kind to fight during the war.

Trivia Edit

  • Killing all the Guard members, including Snowdrake and Shyren might change their speech instead of telling a story.
  • However, killing PAPYRUS IS THE BEST22, the speech is changed alot. She always tells Ink what did Papyrus do to him, why they killed him, She tells it raises many questions.

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