'Ello! I am Cinder!
— Cinder



Cinder has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. She is of medium height. Cinder wears a green longsleeved turtle neck with a dark blue stripe in the center, along with a red heart locket and brown shorts. Cinder wears brown boots for shoes. She is usually smiling and always looks like she is blushing.


Cinder is not evil and does not want to hurt anyone. She doesn't hate anyone just for existing, and doesn't want to destroy anything. If you get on Cinder's bad side, she knows how to hold a grudge, and though she won't try to get vengeance or anything, she will talk badly about them and will often convince others to not like them as well. She is generally a pessimist and doesn't really like to interact with others if she can help it, but she will respond to what others say to her and will ask questions and make comments about things if she has something to say.

Cinder is mature when she needs to be, but she will be very crazy and if she doesn't have to be doing something and she is in a good mood. She will jump up and down and sometimes say random words. Cinder doesn't care what others think of her or her opinions or what she's doing.

Even though she doesn't care what others think, Cinder will still try to be sensitive to other's feelings if she doesn't have anything against them. Cinder will always try to make her friends happy, but she will often give up if they don't seem to be getting happier. She is smart and always try's to think logically about things, but she lets her emotions rule even if she knows her emotions are wrong. Cinder can be very easily convinced to do something she knows is wrong if someone near her does it constantly.


Wiki Temmie Edit

Wiki Temmie found Cinder and adopted her. They quickly became best friends until they both got disabled while trying to go to the other Wikis.

Wikiperson Edit

Wikiperson is Cinder's adoptive father. There isn't much info between them.

Createsans Edit

Create is Cinder's adoptive mother. Just like Wikiperson, there isn't much info between them.