— Deletey, introducing himself.

Deletey is the first major character found in UTAUWikiTale. His motto is "Spam or be Spammed". He likes to ruin articles.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Deletey is a small, grey, flower-like origami who seems to be an unfinished, incomplete article. He is seen grinning, with a calm, friendly facial expression. His color resembles the theme and color of the Undertale AU Wiki.

Personality Edit

Deletey's personality is much like Flowey in the original Undertale. He acts friendly to Ink!Sans at the beginning, but calls him an "idiot". He has no SKILL.

Main Story Edit

In the beginning, Deletey meets Ink!Sans and greets him. Later, he teaches the mechanics of the bullet board and says that Ink's SKILL can grow stronger with TALENT. In reality, Deletey wants to kill Ink using discouraging comments.

True Pacifist Edit

Deletey will steal SKILLs of every User (with the exceptions of Luna) to become Wiki Temmie, aka his true identity.