MaLovelySwapSans is Dogaressa in UTAUWikiTale. She would prefer to be called Frisk, so please so.

She has the Unit Pair Role.

Appearance Edit

Frisk has peach skin, Black hair, and blue eyes. She wears a blue tank top with a sweatshirt, and black tights with a hole in them. She has Black sneakers with white laces with the word 'CREATIVE' is on both sneakers.

In the genocide route, her sneakers say 'MURDEROUS".

Personality Edit

Creative, Calm and Sweet, Frisk will Spare Ink, unless Ink has killed [Insert Dogamy Here]. She will fight Ink if on a Neutral/Genocide Route.

She enjoys Teasing [Insert Dogamy Here], and has a relationship with Him.

Relationships Edit

LunaDeaminic Edit

She teases her everyonce in a while, but always gets hurt at the end.

Dogamy Edit

TBA as I don't know who Dogamy is :|