Mad Cre is the UTAUWikiTale role of Mad Dummy. This has been allowed since Mad Dummy is a minor role.



It can be said she is insane. No matter how Ink interacts with her cousin, she will fight him. She often repeats what she says 3 time, most likely to get her point across. She has anger issues, and resorts to violence for almost everything. She can be easily irritated. She is possessed by the spirit of this AUs variant of Toriel if she is killed, and a random ghost if she's not.


She has pale colored fabric for skin, orange hair that's disheveled and messy and one red eye. She has stitches all over her body, and her right eye is sewed shut. She has sharp teeth in her stomach.

She wears a yellow dress, which is torn up and covered in stitches, but fits her perfectly and no shoes.


  • She is never the Glad Doll, since Ink most likely would not go Genocidal.