Midnight from DITLOR is the receptionist at TNF resort in UTAUWikiTale. She appears to be a cat-like creature that wears a pair of glasses and suit. She tells Ink that the elevator to the Forum is not working at the moment, and tells him that they rooms can be rented for half off at the moment, then charging him 100G if he wants a room.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Midnight from DITLOR is a cat-like monster with brown fur and bright yellow eyes. She has a pink cat nose and round glasses. While only the top half of her suit is shown, her suit is black with a folded shirt collar. She is shown on her computer (most likely working on a sprite), which has a Pac-Man like symbol shown.

Personality Edit

Midnight shows a friendly demeanor to Ink when he approaches her in the Resort. She addresses him as 'little Sans dude' instead of Ink, because, even if she doesn't mind Sans OCs much, she does believe there are to many of them.

If Ink is doing a Genocide run, she wonders where TNF is after he's been killed, but then tells herself that saying that aloud is unprofessional.

Quotes Edit

Oh, hello there.. little Sans dude. Do you need something?-When first encountered.

I'm sorry, but the elevator is broken right now. Let's just say never let more than 20 users on an elevator... -If asked about the elevator.

You look pretty tired, little dude. Hey, if you want, the rooms here are half off to rent. -If Ink is doing a Genocide Route.

Also, TNF told me to tell anyone that comes over here that the rooms are half off to rent. -If Ink is doing a Neutral or Pacifist Route.

Okay, that'll be 100G. -If Ink tries to rent a room.

Have you seen TNF lately? I haven't and I need to ask him if I can help him with his pri- wait, this is unprofessional to say. He's probably just busy with his interest show.. -If TNF has been killed.

Trivia Edit

  • Midnight may comment that Ink looks tired in a Genocide Runand this triggers slightly different dialogue than if he was doing a Pacifist or Neutral Run.
  • Midnight has a dream that she may one day be promoted that way her and TNF can work on sprites together.