First appearing when it (and many other Migosp) crawled out of a rift in space-time that had appeared in the Lesser Area. Alphasaith is the Overmind of all other Migosp. They primarily defend the area of the Lesser Area that Undertale Rho is contained in, though they send scouts to all other sections of the Lesser Area (and all other areas, though to a less extant). Although the Migosp's numbers are rather low in the majority of the Lesser Area, there is an incredibly high density of them in their hive [Undertale Rho]. They are most know for their pool parties.

After Ink Leaves Edit

They make frequent expeditions to the rest of the [Underground]. They have been going through each area, marking many different pages, and taking others. Large groups can be found all over the Lesser Area, with much larger expedition parties in Average areas 1 and 2, as well as in the greater area. Occasionally, they will send some expedition parties to the Security Zone, though this tends to be before marking a page for collection. Sightings of Migosp have even been reported in the Hallway of Three. They have also invaded the BTS area. They appear to be gathering large amounts of information for something.

Alpha's gain in power Edit

Long after Ink left the wiki, the king, UndertaleAUwikipersonandthings bestowed great power upon Alphasaith. Eventually, UTAUWPAT was struck down by an uprising of the inhabitants of the wiki started by Nonconspicuousproxyuser and in the confusion, Alphasaith was placed on the throne. With their new place in power, they looked down upon their nation, and found it to be full of filth. Soon, Alpha gained control of the Temling hoard from WikiC (who had been struck down by an earlier uprising), and has since been cleaning up their great nation. They eventually gathered a small group together containing close friends and has been plotting something to do with a mass scale cleaning.

Appearance (Migosps in general) Edit

Alphasaith (and all other Migosp) have large arm like limbs coming out of their back, these "arms" have sharp spikes at the end of them. Migosps also have large, insect-like wings on their back, allowing them faster movement and the ability to jump short distances. Migosps are also quadripods, meaning they walk on four legs. These legs also have sharp claws at the end of them. Migosps also have a number of large teeth. With all these features, they are a formidable foe, as just about every part of them is a deadly weapon. The parts of them that are not heavily armed with sharp spikes/claws are covered in chitin so hard that it is able to stop a blade. Really the only hope you have against them is to simply not mess with them. If you do find one trying to eat you though, it's mouth is it's most weak spot.

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