PAPYRUS IS THE BEST22 (or Hotrr/Hottr the lava serpent) takes the role of Papyrus (right?) in this AU. He is always seen riding a lava proof sled cause he dosn't want to burn down the Average Pages. He has the same excitements as regular Papyrus but he can sometimes be very sarcastic like he says if you run away from one of his puzzles he says (add this if there is a game) "Hey! Hey! I made this puzzle just for you!"Then he just replies with "wow. how good you are at this puzzle.".In his house he has a lava pool he sleeps in. He attacks with lava and his battle theme is a lava sounding version of bonetrousle. In the surface, he used to have parents (he is 12) but they kicked him out of thier home for no reason. On the war he hid under a rock for the whole time. When he came to the wiki he was starving then he found construction temmie.When he went inside Temmie's home he ate half of the food in his fridge. BTW I just used doodle buddy becuase I can't make sprites.He also has a set of killer moves but they are only seen in the genocide route which, unlike Papyrus, he is a full pledged boss.



throws a fire ball across the box

(After that your brush is blue for the whole fight.)

Shoots a lava stream from his mouth.You can dodge it by looking for a exclamation point and staying away

He tackles and shakes the box and shoots a fireball and it goes everywhere

(The following attack needs concentration)

Lava dots come and then a puff of smoke comes covering everything then a timer comes up and you need to do dot parkour and get to the last one or else the bottom will be filled with lava that will take away 3 pieces of your IC.

Aims and shoots his sled at you

Shoots a lot of fire balls

Genocide (these ones have names)

Super shaker- shoots out a hand that shakes the box and then fires a barrage of fireballs that go everywhere (also your brush is blue)

Wild fire- jumps onto the board and starts a huge fire

Super Serpent- goes underground, makes a huge fire and attempts to blast you with immense amounts of lava

Melt- He melts and does lots of forms

Melt forms

Trap- traps you and closes the lava in

Poltergiest- turns into a giant face and bites you

Blade- turns into a blade and swings himself around

Hand- Grabs you and squishes your Bones together

Boot- Squishes you with a foot

Final fury( is the last attack)- puts all the forms except trap together to make a human.He then uses all of his attacks at once.