DerpyBlueberrySans takes the role of RG02 in UTAUWikiTale.

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  • Spear Attack (Your basic Spear attack; she will either throw her spear or thrust it towards the person she's attacking)
  • Enraged (She will get angry, and during the first turn throw threats at the person she's attacking. During the second turn she will attack with all of her force and ability)
  • Dragon Claw (She will use her claws to scratch the person she's attacking)

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Blue has a rough personality; she tends to be violent to people around her, including her friends. Despite this, she's very protective of the people she's close to and is a generally happy person. When someone she is close to gets hurt, she turns into her self-proclaimed version on then Hulk.

She also suffers from anger management issues which cause her to turn overly-violent at the smallest thing.

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Blue is never seen wearing anything but her armor, which is a dark grey color. She doesn't wear gloves, so her scales can be easily seen on her claw-like hands. Her scales can also be seen when she doesn't wear her helmet; her head looks like a dragon's would, but with short black hair around the face and mostly covering her eyes. Her scales are a midnight blue color.

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  • Blue is...happy... (After fighting RG01 and 02 and the two confess to each other)