This is the Genocide specific item. For the non-geno version look here for the Shabby Mallet and here for the Squeaky Hammer (the early game item).

Basics Edit

The Ban Hammer is only obtainable on the genocide route. This item instantly 'kills' a User though it has no effect beyond blunt force on Deletey. It does not effect Cinder or LunaDeaminac. Originally intended as a gift to Cinder to prove that they were responsible enough to handle the power.

Replaces the Real Knife

Appearance Edit

The Ban Hammer is a large two handed weapon. This item scales its size to the being using it and the handle is always long enough rest diagonally across the owners back from shoulder to hip with room to spare (similar to Ink's brush). It hovers in this position when not being used. The face used to strike enemies and pages has a 🚫 painted on its surface. This red ring leaves a temporary energy streak in the air following all its movements.

Revival Edit

The Ban Hammer can be used to 'unkill' a User post their death. It takes a little effort on the part of the being using the Hammer to do so, however, and can be an exhausting process. It is much easier to unkill someone who was killed with the hammer than by any other method. The revival can only be proformed by an Admin or higher.