For Max's other form, see Alphys.

Max041 takes the role of River Person. He is usually open to talk to about most subjects and tends to ramble on about some subjects. Strangely enough not a lot is known from his past. However similar to the Undertale River Person, he drops hints about past events from the WikiTale and even hints of characters that don't exist anymore physically. He is also intelligent, but doesn't show it in any form so far. He is the transport of the people of UTAUWikiTale. He tends to stay away from combat, but if he can he will lend help to his friends if needed.

Appearance Edit

Max appears as a figure in a white cloak that has a gold stripe on the top right of the hood of the cloak. However, only a light blue glow comes from his right eye, which is the only thing visible other than his cloak.

Abilities Edit

Similar to a noncanon version of the River Person (AFAC) or Glitchtale Chara (Season 1 Episode 3), Max in battle can launch slashes of lines toward the opponent. He has the ability to "skip a turn" and attack twice as well without his opponent attacking. He can also provide transportation for the folks of the UTAUWikiTale universe. Max has a special attack as well, however since he rarely goes into conflicts, he doesn't use it until last resort. His stats are also unknown from his lack of combat in the universe. Any other abilities are unknown.

Relationships Edit

Wiki1ConstructionTemmie1 Edit

Max thinks of WikiC as a friend and a good admin, despite his randomness at times. He isn't surprised of WikiC's true power...mostly.

LunaDeaminac Edit

Max thinks highly of Luna as she was the first to introduce her and help him around the wiki. Max also sees Luna as a friend. The two tend to talk in a hard-to-decrypt version of code.

FloweyTheFlyTrap1.0 Edit

Max is aware of Flowey's presence in the Wiki and drops hints of his presence from time to time. As Max never really knew him as a friend, a friend of WikiC is a friend of his...most of the time.

UndertaleAUwikipersonandthings Edit

Max has mixed feelings toward WikiP. On one side, he views WikiP as a nice guy. However on the other, Max doesn't think some of his choices as ruler were the wisest and best for the users.

WikiTemmie Edit

Max is neutral toward WikiT. WikiT is the royal Princess that was lost later in time, however it wasn't like Max knew her well at all.

TheNitroFlamer Edit

Max has a strange friendship with TNF, as showy as TNF is though. He doesn't know him well or vice versa, but TNF had helped Max with sketches of random character models.

Createsans Edit

Max doesn't know Create so well, other than Create leaving WikiP after what he had done. He also knows of how Create is currently remaining as the caretaker of the area deep in the Wiki.