The Rules/Guidelines are a set of rules you need to follow on the UTAUWikiTale Wiki. Breaking the rules results in a block.

Basic Rules Edit

When Editing Edit

  • Do not vandalize. Vandalism includes:
    • Inserting gibberish
    • Inserting spam
    • Inserting false info
    • Removing necessary content
  • When publishing your edit, give an actual summary on your edit, do not just leave it blank, from now on.

If you do not know whether to insert something into an article or not, it is best to ask for others' opinions.

When Commenting Edit

  • Do not write random comments.
  • Do not write extremely long yet blank comments.
  • Do not spam comments.
  • Do not directly insult anyone.
  • It is okay to ask questions that you are unaware of.
  • It is okay to disagree, as for we all have our own opinions.