These are the varieties of SKILLs found in the Wiki with their meaning and characters that have that SKILL colour. (Feel free to add colours and traits but please be aware that the colour you select may be changed if I feel that the selected colour does not make sense compared to the trait. ( Please note, traits and emotions are not the same thing so Fear and Hate will not be accepted )

Red Edit

Inspiration, replaces determination.

Characters with red SKILLs Edit

  • Ink
  • Cinder
  • Wiki Temmie
  • TBA

Cyan Edit


Characters with cyan SKILLs Edit

  • TBA

Orange Edit


Characters with orange SKILLs Edit

  • TBA

Blue Edit


Characters with blue SKILLs Edit

  • TBA

Purple Edit


Characters with purple SKILLs Edit

  • TBA

Green Edit


Characters with green SKILLs Edit

  • TBA

Yellow Edit


Characters with yellow SKILLs Edit

  • TBA

Grey Edit


Character with a grey SKILL Edit

  • LunaDeaminac

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