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In this AU, Sans is replaced by 1WikiConstructionTemmie1.


1WikiConstructionTemmie1 has black eyes, and a Classic Sans jacket colored clothing covering some of his worker clothes. He wears a construction hat and his worker belt with him all the time. He does not wear shoes.


1WikiConstructionTemmie1 is laid back, not caring too much unless something has to do with lives. He enjoys making friends and hanging out. He does a lot of work whenever he can on a wiki, and owns the Underswap Wiki. He has a crush on Cinder . Cinder is one of his best friends. He was heartbroken when she died.\.

Relationships Edit

UndertaleAuWikipersonandthings Edit

1WikiConstructionTemmie1 is sort of an assistant to the king, but is upset that the king always removes his special rights and acts childish. He always begs the king for the most powerful right, Bureaucrat. The king never gives it to him, despite the fact that 1WikiConstructionTemmie1 is the whole reason he even is king.



Temmie just one day "found him" and they talk occasionally.

Createsans Edit

Createsans is the reason Temmie convinced UTAUWPAT to become king, as Temmie had a disliking towards them and didn't want them to become ruler.

Wiki Temmie Edit

Rough history..



  • He once banished a person from the wiki for 5000 years.