Appearance Edit

Following the layout of Snowdin Forest, this area is covered in the ash of the pages burnt in the furnace. Instead of snowing, ash falls. A river of ink flows through the wiki here, connecting this area to The Average Pages 2 and The Greater Pages. It also connects to The Lesser Pages.

Role in the Wiki Edit

This area contains the pages that, while complete, aren't all that popular. There are people here but they tend to not be that active.

Characters who first appear here Edit

Main cast Edit

Minor cast Edit

  • TBA because I CBA

Items obtained here Edit

Name Item it replaces Type
Blotting Paper Manly Bandanna Armour
Soaked Glove Tough Glove Weapon
? Snowman piece Consumable
? Nice cream Consumable
? Cinnabunny Consumable
? Bicicle Consumable