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Following the layout of Hotland, this is the area of the more popular pages. These pages were forged in the heat of flamewars that occur beneath them. Lava is replaced by argumentative comments that can be very damaging to a creator's IC. Due to this destruction, these pages are often too strong to be damaged by normal means (protected). A river connects this area to The Average Pages 1 and 2. It also has the only connection point to the Behind the Scenes.

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This is the area with the more popular pages that aren't part of The Big Three. Here is where most people are.

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  • TBA

Items obtained here Edit

Name Item it replaces Item Type
Stained Apron Stained Apron Armour
Headlamp Cowboy Hat Armour
Cold Teapot Burnt Pan Weapon
Spray Can Empty Gun Weapon
Chat Upgraded Phone Key
? Mystery Key Key
? Instant Noodles Consumable
? Hot Dogs Consumable
? Hot Cats Consumable
? Junk Food Consumable