Appearance Edit

Mimicking the layout of the Ruins, this area is made entirely of wiki pages and deleted images. As each Admin/Bureaucrat has their own way of marking something for deletion, the pages here have a range of markings including stamps, painting, burns and tears. Flowers are replaced by deleted pages and leaves are replaced with pages that were scrapped prior to sheets actually being made (when you start making a page but cancel it before saving it.) It exists into The Average Pages 1.

Role in the Wiki Edit

The area where pages marked for deletion are held. Pages that are considered on the edge of being deleted, like those that severly need cleaning up, require a lot of work or need translation are here. Once a page is deleted, the page is sent to the pile that Ink falls into, that pile feeds a furance which powers the Wiki.

Character who first appear here Edit

Major cast Edit

  • Ink
  • Deletey
  • Createsans
  • Cinder
  • LunaDeaminac

Minor cast Edit

  • Dummy
  • Fandom User
  • CobaltTails
  • Alphasaith
  • Alficiro

Items obtained here Edit

Name Item it replaces Type
Lavender Ribbon Faded Ribbon Armour
Squeaky Hammer Toy Knife Weapon
Message Wall Phone Key
Paint Bandage Consumable
Monster Doodle Monster Candy Consumable
? Spider Donut Consumable
? Spider Cider Consumable
? Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie Consumable