For Createsans's other form, see Mad Dummy.

Cre is the role of Toriel in UTAUWikiTale.



She is a lot less serious than the original, and enjoys running up stairs, teasing the Users in the Lesser Area and making puns. She has a slight brooklyn accent. She is very caring towards Ink. She gets angry when he tries to leave. She is also cold and unforgiving to her ex, since instead of him making "bad" AUs better, he deleted them instead. She likes to bake cakes. If Ink resorts to killing her to get past her, her spirit possesses a doll later on to kick Ink's ass for killing her.


She is an anthropomorphic cat who has fair skin, ginger shoulder-length hair, red eyes and black cat ears. She has freckles on her face.

She wears a robe similar to Toriel's, only hers is pink instead. She wears no shoes.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

She has great hearing due to her cat ears. In battle, she uses paintballs to fight. She can flood a room with paint, which makes it harder for her enemy to navigate. She is also tough enough to disarm Wikiperson, albeit temporarily.


She is sensitive, and if she is hurt, used, lied to or scolded, she gets angry, but starts crying.

The most sensitive part about her is her ears. Loud noises, shrill noises or squeaks affect her hearing, embarrass her and lower her IC.


  • Despite her teasing Ink for "talking to himself", she has developed a habit of talking to herself from loneliness, hallucinations and being ignored.