Appearance Edit

A cold and unsettling place deep below the surface of the Wiki. Despite rarely having people there, this area is neatly organised and structured. This area stretchs out below the entire Wiki, supporting all the pages as strong pillars. Even though this area physically holds the wiki up and in its place, this area is an impossible space in constant flux. Regardless of the impossible nature, it is shockingly easy to navigate half of this space. The only way of accessing this area is through Nin10doGMod's page in The Greater Pages.

Role in the Wiki Edit

This area contains the Category pages (which is the easy to navigate section) and the templates (which are near impossible to walk around without getting lost when unguided.)

Characters who first appear here Edit

  • Amalgamate replacements

Items obtained here Edit

Name Item it replaces Type
? Red Key Key
? Yellow Key Key
? Green Key Key
? Blue Key Key
? Popato Chisps Consumable
? Bad Memory Consumable