Personality & text Edit

Total tsundere toward whoever at the time. Acts powerful even though isn't THAT powerful. Worries about losing her sempai's attention. Personality text: f-fear me h-human! I-I'm not a-afraid of you y-ya know! i'm m-more powerful t-than you! BAKA! You w-will never g-get on my l-level! Flirting will leave her a blushing mess.

Design Edit

A human monster with plane wings from a freak accident. Experiment from Alphys.....though she is quite able to fly. She is grey with a number 13 on the side of her arm. The plane wings she has are grey with the number 13 on them.

Attacks Edit

She flys up and drops fire bombs from the compartment of the wings. They don't do much damage, 3 damage. Swooping down from above the enemy will do a bit more damage than the first, does 6 damage. Atomic bomb, drops two bombs on each side of the enemy doing 10 damage. Easy enough to dodge atomic bomb. Hard to dodge fire bombs. Has an incredibly potent fart. Farts have the power to kill. Can dodge swooping attacks. During a genocide route the atomic bomb does 10 more damage and is used three times. She is usually alone when fighting. If you spare her, she can be seen following you.

Spared Edit

Spared: Enemy tells Tsunderplane that she will lose the fight because she is not as powerful as them. This will get her mad and cause her to use atomic bomb. Say it again and you can spare her. Encourage her to find her sempai. Spare instantly. Flirting enough will also cause her to be able to be spared.

Acts & Reactions Edit

Acts: Encourage. Pick on. Heckle. Flirt. Stay determined! Reaction: Encourage: wow I guess some people really DO think I can realize my dream! Pick on: GRRR S-STOP B-BRINGING BACK B-BAD M-MEMORIES! Heckle: I AM S-SO POWERFUL! Flirt: EH? WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY TO ME?! DO YOU LIKE ME OR SOMETHING?! *blush grows*senpai..... Stay Determined: Y-you really thin I can stay DETERMINED?! THANK YOU!

Genocide Edit

Genocide text: You think you can get away with that? Killing them all? I know I might be ...... w-weak, but I WON'T LET YOU PASS! Genocide route: Astral bomb: explodes in the center of the box, causing stars to go out dealing two damage each star. Nuclear explosion: a missile locks in on the enemy and fires multiple times, 8 damage each. Can dodge all these. Includes other attacks.

When not fighting or walking around she helps edit/fix some articles. Only when major characters need her help does she actually edit a page big-time.