– Bone Apetit

Bone Apetit (Also known as Bones) takes the Captain of the Guard role. She also has anger issues. She sometimes appear in any area before Average area 2, down to the Lesser Pages.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

She wear on depend of the Weather in the area she go (Commonly seen with glasses and Skeleton mask, we wont add that). When she is on Average Area pt. 1 (Snowdin), She wear a Sweater with Red and White stripes and blue jeans wearing a Pair of brown boots too, On Average Area pt. 2 (Waterfall), She wear her normal white Armor, When you got into her Home, she was shown wearing White shirt and White Shorts, she even wear white slippers.

In her another form, [Name idea?] She wears black Armor with a cape, the Lower part of her Skeleton mask (Teeth) Was Sharp. She wear long gloves.

Personality Edit

"They know how to Edit! But Grammars can be good, or not sometimes..I Have no choice but to not let them be the member."
– Bone Apetit

Bone is calm, and Shy, but her Anger issues literally get her on Trouble, She sometimes can be seen at her home scrolling around the Pages in the Wiki, however, she sometimes accidentally broke things in her house when she don't edit right. She also like Puns. She calls Ink a Weirdo during Genocide route.

She can be seen wearing glasses in any area with a pen with no one thinking its her.

Relationships Edit

Ink!Sans Edit

True Pacifist Edit

"Seriously, i can see you vandalizing everyone's page, i hate it!"
– Bone Apetit

Bone have strong dislike on Ink!Sans because of him vandalizing pages even he dont mean it, however, when Ink!Sans get to know about her, she started to like him. When Ink got to her Home, Bone secretly want to throw her boot at his face.

Neutral Edit

"What did you do to everyone..even Ace..and..Mild..?"
– Bone Apetit

It depends how many does Ink kills, If its just only 3, She hates ink a lil. If he kill 5, she hates ink. If he kill 10 and above, including Ace, and Mild, she started to hate Ink very much. Killing people after befriending her makes her hate herself.

Genocide Edit

"Try, and see if you can weirdo."
– Bone Apetit

Well, just like WikiC after killing Flowey, Attempting to kill Neon will summon Bone. She hate Ink very much, like in Neutral, but more than that.

Createsans Edit

"What do you mean? That weird old lady? Well...I Somehow think she is nice,since she make puns. But she likes to tease me, i can deal with that."
– Bone Apetit ( When you talk about Createsans )

Bone somehow visit Createsans just once, since she think its fun to explore the Lesser area. Nothing is much more about their relationship.

UndertaleAUwikipersonandthings Edit

"Well, i want to be free in this stupid hellhole, when i try to talk to the king, he somewhat..get talkative, don't you know how many hours we stayed?"
– Bone Apetit

Bone apetit is also loyal to Long name guy, but she somehow get stuck into a long talk for months. She still care, she sometimes throw a boot at his head and run away.

Theundertalefan355 Edit

"Don't you like training dogs including Mildest dog? his very fun to play with."
– Bone apetit talking about MD.

Bone apetit thinks MD is okay, before they got to the royal guard, she somehow found MD and leave them alone, but MD always follow her.