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  • I live in In a world full of chairs
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  • My occupation is Uhm..An Artist?
  • I am A female DUHH!!
  • Bone Apetit

    As Ink and Deletey walked by the series of pages, Ink was distracted by looking at the pages as there were many scratches, marks, and ink on them. He sometimes saw images on them. They were all vandalism. Some of them were too inappropriate, some of them are not related to the subject, and some of them are very mean drawings. Ink decided to try to look away from those.

    Deletey started to get off of Inks shoulders. "Wait, why are you getting off me?" Ink turned at Deletey. "W-well, I a-am ge-getting re-re-ready for t-he ne-next puzzle." Deletey steps to the ground. Deletey went down into the ground and appeared again far away from Ink. Ink tried to get to Deletey until he bumped into a red figure. It slowly turns around.

    The red figure had a …

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  • Bone Apetit

    Ink walked into the hallway. There are no pillars nor walls. The only things he can see to the left or right are pages, images, and sounds. They are always changing. There are also images that are moving. When he looks up, there is nothing there. The hallway is very long. Sometimes he can feel the air flowing around him scattering the papers all around him. He then sees a page with 'Candidates for deletion' marked on it. The page starts to glow red, and then it blew past Ink to the end of the hall.

    "This is strange...I didn't read the pages very well, they are way too small to read. It looks like I'm in a kind of a book."

    He finally got the end of the hall, panting and reached a room. He saw a single light coming from that room. There a flow…

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  • Bone Apetit

    This is important!: This is inspired by Luna's UTAUWikitale, well, it looks like the Story ALL OVER AGAIN, but many sudden changes in the story. Also, this is my perspective on fell version of UTAUWikitale.

    "...."  Ink lied on a pile full of ripped papers, that were covered by ink. "Huh...what happened...?"

    Sometimes the ripped papers would slowly burn away to dust. The cold wind was blowing the ripped papers, scattering them all over the place. The papers would sometimes glow red, and when it would stop glowing, it's color would be black. The ripped papers were ripped in half. Sometimes they were ripped in 4 pieces, sometimes they were ripped in 6, and sometimes the pieces would scatter all over the room. The ripped papers would still glow …

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