This is important!: This is inspired by Luna's UTAUWikitale, well, it looks like the Story ALL OVER AGAIN, but many sudden changes in the story. Also, this is my perspective on fell version of UTAUWikitale.

"...."  Ink lied on a pile full of ripped papers, that were covered by ink. "Huh...what happened...?"

Sometimes the ripped papers would slowly burn away to dust. The cold wind was blowing the ripped papers, scattering them all over the place. The papers would sometimes glow red, and when it would stop glowing, it's color would be black. The ripped papers were ripped in half. Sometimes they were ripped in 4 pieces, sometimes they were ripped in 6, and sometimes the pieces would scatter all over the room. The ripped papers would still glow red, but they didn't glow much.

"This place is such a mess...what is this AU?..." Ink started to read the papers. AU Categories, Users, AUs, Candidates for Deletion. He sometimes found half of a paper, and then had to find the other half. It's impossible for him to find 8 pieces and above. He started to think that the monsters here are insane. When the papers would start to glow red, they would feel hot for a bit but not hot enough to set your hand on fire.

The design on the floor was the same as the walls, they had little Error!Sans and Charas on it. Chara would sometimes start to twitch. Corrupting, turning into Fell!Chara.

"...This is Underfell isn't it...?" Ink was confused. "I must find out what AU this is..." He started to look up.


Chapter 2 - The Problem

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