As Ink and Deletey walked by the series of pages, Ink was distracted by looking at the pages as there were many scratches, marks, and ink on them. He sometimes saw images on them. They were all vandalism. Some of them were too inappropriate, some of them are not related to the subject, and some of them are very mean drawings. Ink decided to try to look away from those.

Deletey started to get off of Inks shoulders. "Wait, why are you getting off me?" Ink turned at Deletey. "W-well, I a-am ge-getting re-re-ready for t-he ne-next puzzle." Deletey steps to the ground. Deletey went down into the ground and appeared again far away from Ink. Ink tried to get to Deletey until he bumped into a red figure. It slowly turns around.

The red figure had a human body. It has claws and a mouth. The teeth are sharper and it doesn't have a tongue, but it can still hiss. There was black goop falling from its mouth. Some of them are tall, or short, and fat and thin. It doesn't have an age. There are numbers written on its chest. It's called a Fandom User. They can feel Ink moving every time he speaks, moves, and breathes. It was slowly getting closer to him.

Ink was very scared of the creature. The Fandom User was about to bite Ink.

Ink slashed the Fandom user with his brush dealing 50 damage to it. It hissed at Ink, being aggressive to Ink during the fighting.

"What can I do? Could I kill it? Could I just... spare it?" Ink tried to spare the Fandom User, but nothing happened. He dodged the attacks. He tried to talk to it. The fandom user tried to understand, but nothing happened. "Dang, I guess fighting is my I should keep on going. " Ink tried to talk to it again. The Fandom user slowly turned gray and the black goop disappeared from their mouth. Ink spare it, and it went away.

Ink walks to Deletey. "I s-saw t-t-the whole fi-fight. It wi-will be da-dangerous to gi-give mercy t-to the monste-monsters. Si-since th-th-they don't wa-want mer-mercy here her-here." Deletey said. "Any-anyways..."

"Should w-we do th-the puzzle?"

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