This is my own fan fiction about UTAUWikiTale.Shout out to LunaD for inspiring me. So you are Ink!Sans (obviously).

You fell on a bunch of deleted pages.They somehow broke your fall but your bottom hurt like a glitch.Your brush fell off your back and sprayed on the deleted pages.You went into a mysterious room and you saw a deleted page."Howdy I'm Deletey,Deletey the Deleted Page! Your new to this wiki ain'tachachacha".You scared, nodded your head."Well here is some constructive criticism.It will help you!Catch all ya want!" You put your brush into the fire and guessing what?IT WAS ACTUALLY PAINTIN' BULLET.You suddenly only had 1% of your meaning left and you started drifting into a heavenly place where you were,READING BOOK?!Oh no!You saw your hand,it was fading away but you were to busy looking at this heaven to think clearly.Then you heard a scream and a PWOOSH!You then drifted out of the Dastardly place."What a horrible creature bullying such an innocent youth" a figure said."Oh you don't know who I?Well I am Createsans,Caretaker of the Lesser area.Come with me my child.You Will be safe."

Chapter 2 coming soon.

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