You followed the wierd woman through a door and into a room with a (insert dummy's new name here).She then stopped and said "My child.Though they don't care about the pages here,they still don't want vandalism A.K.A your brush.In this wiki.Users may attack you and when this happens,you will enter a f-FIGHT.When that happens try ACTing.Try it in this (insert name here)."You walked up to it and asked for the time. Createsans looked confused but glad. So then you walked through the pillars. You were suddenly approached by a gray figure. "Coooment" it croaked quietly. You awkwardly told it " Have you heard about the pages here? So weird." That seemed to annoy him as you thought you were dead when Create looked at them with a "You ate e cookies in the cookie jar did you not?" and they hopped away. TBC

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