ZombieClub takes the role of Woshua in UTAUWikiTale. Zombie likes cleaning up mistakes and errors in pages.

Profile Edit

Appearence Edit

Zombie looks like normal Woshua, but his rubber ducky is replaced with a brain, his tank is green and his body is grey.

Personality Edit

Zombie hates seeing errors and mistakes in wiki pages and will fix every error he sees. He tends to dislike anyone who has very terrible grammar and spelling frequently.

Battle Edit

Attacks Edit

Zombie has 3 different attacks. One of the three attacks can only be used under certain circumstances. Zombie's first attack involves him shooting tiny brains at you. Zombie's second attack involves him fixing errors, then shooting them at you. His last attack can only be done if you vandalize a page via the Vandalize option. Zombie will start to use his brain and correct vandalization, rapidly throwing tiny pencils and spears at you.

Stat Change Edit

Vandalize and Error will both anger Zombie, leading in an increase to his attack but a decrease to his defense. Correct will make Zombie happy, allowing for Zombie to be able to get spared.

Trivia Edit

  • When Zombie is angered, his brain will glow green.